CFOs for Startups

siliconCFO connects startups with the right CFO for their needs.

How it Works

Schedule a Call

Schedule a quick introduction call with us so that we can gauge your startup’s needs and prepare some ideal CFOs for you.

Get Matched

Let us do the work of matching you to select CFOs who can best meet the needs of your business and industry.

Interview and Hire

Interview the CFOs we send you and choose one to hire. We will also help you and your new CFO determine a cost structure.

What is siliconCFO?

For Employers

Employers utilize siliconCFO to find the right CFO for them. Don’t use an expensive staffing agency when you can easily find, vet, and hire part-time CFOs with siliconCFO.

For CFOs

If you are a part-time CFO looking for remote or local work at startups and SMBs, all you have to do is schedule a call to start the process of joining our marketplace. 

Need a Bookkeeper?

If you are a CFO or employer in need of reliable bookkeeping assistance, shoot us an email and we will connect you with top-quality bookkeepers that don’t break the bank.

Start vetting CFOs now

Find the CFO you need!

The CFOs in our database have a vast range of skills and competencies.

Financial Models
Cash-flow Forecasts
Operations Strategy
Risk Management
Startup Strategy
Tax Accounting
International Expansion
Data Analysis
Bookkeeping Cleanups
Real Estate Finance
Pricing Strategy
Quantitative Analysis
BI Dashboards
Cap Table Management
Financial Reporting
Pitch Decks
Blockchain Finance

Hear what people have to say about siliconCFO

Foundation Labs

“I started a software company and quickly realized that I needed a CFO, and that’s when I found siliconCFO. My new CFO played a critical role in our company’s success. He is immensely capable as an executive and deeply knowledgeable as a CFO. Our company now has 8+ staff, and I feel very lucky to have hired the right CFO. I trust him with our company’s most sensitive information. I also trust him to tactfully interact with stakeholders and clients.”

Kai Faust, CEO

Foundation Labs

Kai Faust

“I can honestly say we’d be lost without our CFO. From day one, he’s helped provide meaningful, actionable insights about our cashflow situation, financing, debt management and more. He tells me what I need to hear and what I need to do. My only regret is not having hired him sooner.”

Ishmael Samuel, CEO


Ishmael Samuel


How quickly will siliconCFO match CFOs to me?

From the initial call, it will take between three and five business days to match and introduce two to three CFOs to you. From that point, you can interview and hire a CFO as quickly (or slowly) as you like.

What makes siliconCFO better than a CFO-services agency?

We aren’t trying to replace CFO-services agencies, nor are we trying to be better than them. We are here to offer a DIY solution to hiring a part-time CFO. Our solution is easier than posting on a job board but less expensive than hiring through an agency.

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