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SiliconCFO matches startups and SMBs to Fractional CFOs to handle their financial operations, allowing you to focus on growth.

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How it Works

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Find a time to chat with us about what you and your company need.

Vet and Choose a CFO

Get matched to some of the 200+ fractional CFOs in our talent pool, then choose which one you want to bring onto your team.

Hire and Grow

Engage with your new fractional CFO in a way that works best for the both of you.






Hire a fractional CFO as your partner to help your company long-term as an integrated part of your team.

What’s Included:


CFO as a Partner

Choose who you hire (8 hrs/mo)

Bookkeeping & Taxes

Handled and scalable

Payroll & Benefits Management

Provided by Rippling

Financial Planning Software

Provided by Pry

SaaS Negotiation Service

Provided by Buyer



$35 – $300/hour


Choose from 200+ pre-vetted finance experts for financial modeling, analysis, strategy, and more. 

What to Expect:



Controller-level work


FP&A and strategy


CFO-level work

$200 to $300

Best of the best

What is a SiliconCFO?

Hand-picked from our talent pool.

Pre-vetted to save you time.

Flexible to fit your specific needs.

Resourceful with support staff ready.

Meet some SiliconCFOs

Michelle Part-time CFO


Apurva part-time CFO


Tiffany part-time CFO


Katie part-time CFO


Hear what people have to say about SiliconCFO

Foundation Labs logo - Client of siliconCFO - Part-time CFO client

“I started a software company and quickly realized that I needed a CFO, and that’s when I found SiliconCFO. My new CFO played a critical role in our company’s success. He is immensely capable as an executive and deeply knowledgeable as a CFO. Our company now has 8+ staff, and I feel very lucky to have hired the right CFO. I trust him with our company’s most sensitive information. I also trust him to tactfully interact with stakeholders and clients.”

Kai Faust, CEO

Foundation Labs

Kai Faust profile photo - Client of siliconCFO - Part-time CFO client

“I can honestly say we’d be lost without our CFO. From day one, he’s helped provide meaningful, actionable insights about our cashflow situation, financing, debt management and more. He tells me what I need to hear and what I need to do. My only regret is not having hired him sooner.”

Ishmael Samuel, CEO


Ishmael Samuel profile photo - Client of siliconCFO - Part-time CFO client

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Diverse Experiences and Skill-sets

Experience in Most Industries

Consumer Software
Enterprise Software
Oil & Gas

Real Estate

Wide Range of Skills

Financial Models
Cash-flow Forecasts
Operations Strategy
Startup Strategy
Risk Management

International Expansion
Data Analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions
Pricing Strategy
Operations Strategy
Quantitative Analysis
Cap Table Management

These are just some of the experiences and skills of the CFOs in our talent pool. If you are searching for someone with a very specific background, we should be able to find an ideal fit for you out of our 200+ CFOs.


How does the SiliconCFO process work?

For Employers:

Schedule a call with us, then we will match you with CFOs who are a good fit. From there, you and your favorite CFO get to choose what arrangement works best for the both of you.

For CFOs:

We maintain a large talent pool of CFOs around the world looking for part-time, remote work at startups and SMBs. We match startups with the CFOs in our talent pool, only getting paid when the CFOs get paid.

If you are a fractional CFO, we encourage you to apply to join our talent pool.

How do you vet CFOs?

Our CFOs are vetted with a thorough application process, including two screenings on paper as well as a video interview. We complete the initial vetting so that you can easily choose one.

How do you make money?

We make money when you hire a CFO through us. We take a small percentage of what the CFOs make in their first year working for a startup, and nothing after that.

What is a Fractional CFO and what do they do?

A Fractional CFO is a freelance finance expert that works on financial operations and management for startups and SMBs.

Learn more about Fractional CFOs.

When should I hire a Fractional CFO?

Hiring a Fractional CFO early on in your company’s existence can be crucial to your success. Having a finance expert on the team from the start helps in ways that founders typically don’t realize until they hire a fractional CFO.

  • CFOs strategize for short term and long term, potentially saving money immediately as well.
  • Get the books in order, saving you lots of money in the future when you need to upgrade to a more comprehensive accounting system.
  • Allow for you to be more financially focused from the start by taking the finance function off your plate and applying their expertise to your business.
  • Providing you with connections from their previous clients, which could be the difference between your fundraising round being a success or failure.

How much do fractional CFOs cost?

The cost of a Fractional CFO can be anywhere from Free to $10k per month, but the average is around $3k to $5k per month. As you might expect, the monthly cost depends on a number of factors, such as hourly rate, complexity of tasks, and breadth of responsibilities you assign your Fractional CFO.

The typical hourly rate for a Fractional CFO is between $80 and $150 per hour. Most CFOs will charge within that range, but there are always outliers. CFOs outside the US, in countries with a lower cost-of-living, might charge as little as $30 per hour. On the other hand, CFOs who are incredibly experienced and efficient can charge up to $500 per hour.

Can I hire a full time CFO or finance expert through you?

Yes! We don’t advertise this, but we won’t get in the way if you find a CFO or finance expert through us and later decide you want to hire that person full time.

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