Connecting startups with part-time CFOs to accomplish great things.

Our Story

SiliconCFO was started to help startup founders with financial operations and financial management tasks and responsibilities. Initially, we were a consultancy helping startups ourselves. We quickly realized that the best solution for each startup was different, and usually not us! That’s why we built up our talent pool of experts and transitioned from a consulting firm into a marketplace. Now, we connect startups with the right part-time CFO solution for their needs.

Our Marketplace

The best CFO solution for a startup or small business is always different depending on the company’s needs, stage, industry, culture, and much more. When a company submits an application for CFO matching, we analyze the company and look through our pre-vetted talent pool for CFOs who are best suited to meet their needs. After asking each matched CFO if they are interested in the opportunity to help the company, we make all introductions via email. From there, the companies conduct their own rounds of vetting and choose a CFO to hire.

Our CFO matching process is done manually at the moment. We are in the process of developing a custom matching algorithm with machine learning capabilities to make targeted CFO matches and continually improve the match quality.

About the Founder

While at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Jacob Sheldon developed a passion for building and helping startups while studying Entrepreneurship and Finance. Initially, he focused on working in clean energy before finding himself helping startups with their financial models, growth marketing, strategy, capital raising, and accounting. Within three years he was ready to graduate while running a startup called Slice Capital, an early equity crowdfunding platform, as CEO.

In 2019, Jacob decided to branch off into startup consulting and found himself focusing on the financial side of managing startups. He founded siliconCFO and began matching startups with part-time CFOs.

You can find Jacob on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.