Connecting startups with part-time CFOs to accomplish great things.

Our Story

SiliconCFO was started due to a pressing need many startup founders experience: they have substantial financial operations responsibilities and tasks, but most founders don’t have the time or skillset required to get them done. For the founders who get the work done, it is typically done reluctantly.

After we secured our first client and helped them grow, we started scaling our CFO-services to other startups. Now, we have pivoted to help part-time CFOs find work and manage their clients.

Our Marketplace

The best CFO solution for a startup or small business is always different depending on the company’s needs. Although we are an agency as well, we quickly shifted our focus for siliconCFO to be a marketplace of CFOs. This way, we can connect startups with the right CFO for their needs, rather than trying to provide the same solution to everyone.

About the Founder

While at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Jacob Sheldon developed a passion for building and helping startups while studying Entrepreneurship and Finance. Initially, he focused on working in clean energy before finding himself helping startups with their financial models, growth marketing, strategy, capital raising, and accounting. Within three years he was ready to graduate while running a startup called Slice Capital, an early equity crowdfunding platform, as CEO.

In 2019, Jacob decided to branch off into startup consulting and found himself focusing on the financial side of managing startups. He founded siliconCFO and started focusing on finding jobs for Part-time CFOs.

You can find Jacob on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.