CFOs for your Portfolio Companies

We know fractional CFOs from South Bay to South Africa and FinTech to Food & Bev. Let us send your portfolio companies ideal fractional CFOs for their needs at no cost.

How it Works

Schedule a Call

Startups schedule a quick introduction call so that we can gauge their needs and prepare some specialized CFOs for them.

Get Matched

We do the work of matching startups to pre-vetted CFOs in our talent pool who can best meet the needs of their business and industry.

Interview and Hire

Startups interview the CFOs we send them and choose one to hire. Then, we will help them and their new CFO determine a compatible cost structure.

Providing fractional CFOs to your portfolio companies

Why SiliconCFO?

Hiring a CFO, part-time or full-time, should not be rushed or involve any compromises. The wrong CFO can slow down the growth of your entire business. By using SiliconCFO, you can be sure that your CFO will bring the right skills and experience to the table. The matching process is free for companies, allowing SiliconCFO to be a risk-free option for you to have in your pocket.

Perks for our VC Partners

1 Hour Free Consultations in place of the typical 15-minute intro calls.

Expert CFOs upon request for internal webinars and office hours.

Deal Flow access of pre-seed to Series A startups in our network.

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