Featured CFOs for Hire

Read about some of our featured CFOs for hire from our talent pool of over 200 pre-vetted CFOs.

Apurva part-time CFO


Apurva is a global and Silicon Valley CFO who drives growth, scale and discipline for global companies. He is an admired leader known for his hands on approach, business partnership with the executive team and board, and for being a cultural role model for the entire organization. Apurva has extensive international operations experience, drives strong management practices, and is a versatile leader, having lead Finance, HR, Legal, Operations, and Customer Service during his career.

Chris helps companies with their financial models, strategic/operational plan, resolve cash flow challenges, preparation for fundraising, optimization of operations, as well as other strategic areas to prepare for and manage growth. Prior experience includes CFO Office of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.

Chris H part-time CFO


Jessica S part-time CFO


While living in wine country, Jessica developed and managed the financial and operations departments for a luxury brand startup winery; consulted for a political, in-your-face, startup label; and refined a world-renown craft winery. Let her organize and optimize your finances, interdepartmental processes, and employees.

Fractional CFO for hire, working with multiple startups at a time that need finance oversight to grow to the next level in strategy and operations. U.S. and international experience in software, hardware, telecom, life sciences, cloud, AI, space, and several non-profits including microfinance and impact investment firms. 20+ years working with many successful clients as a Board Advisor/Observer for numerous tech startups and have supported the raise of Seed through Series C investments, including I-banking-led rounds. Have hired, mentored, and developed financial and operational teams to implement the structure needed to support rapid growth.

Katie part-time CFO


Kenny J part-time CFO


Experienced finance professional who has performed CFO-level services for numerous CPG companies, particularly those in food & beverage, apparel, beauty, and e-commerce. Kenny enjoys helping startups with financial modeling, capital raising, managing cash flow, optimizing working capital, and financial strategy.

Kimberley helps engineering and technology firms manage their cash flow without the anxiety of missing bill payments or financial obligations. Her background with many years at a start-up nanotechnology company gave her extensive insights into their specific challenges – specifically having enough cash on hand, pricing their products, obtaining financing, and setting up budgets & forecasts.

Kimberley CFO for Hire


Michelle Part-time CFO


Michelle is a certified managerial accountant with substantial experience in billing operations as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration with Accounting emphasis. Michelle helps companies to implement successful accounting systems, integrate accounting software, manage staff, and helps businesses by maintaining and growing business operations.

Panju adopts a partnership approach and helps companies to identify key business drivers, build financial models from scratch, develop effective cash flow management, and implement efficient operational structure and processes to align with business transformation as well as provide support on Merger & Acquisition initiatives.

Panju CFO for Hire


Tiffany part-time CFO


Tiffany helps companies create and manage 12-week cash flow plans, install financial infrastructure, support operations through creating and monitoring financial KPIs, obtain debt and other funding and more. She has served as interim CFO/COO for several companies and has authored 2 books on business funding.

A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 12 years of experience creating and managing strategic plans at the foundational and detailed level. Communicates effectively across the organization, executes high-level strategy by designing and implementing a plan to reach goals and handle challenges.

Vivienne L part-time CFO


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How much will this cost me?

We don’t charge employers any fees, hidden or otherwise, to be matched and introduced to CFOs. You only have to pay what you and your new CFO agree to.

How quickly will siliconCFO match me to CFOs for hire?

From the initial call, it will take between two and four days to match and introduce three to five part-time CFOs to you. From that point, you can interview and hire a CFO as quickly (or slowly) as you like.

How are the CFOs vetted?

Every CFO in our talent pool has first gone through a preliminary screening on paper, then an interview over the phone. About 20% of CFOs who apply are added to our talent pool. Once we match freelance CFOs to you, it is up to you to complete the final round of vetting and then hire one.