Part-time CFOs from around the world get hired through SiliconCFO.

We connect CFOs to startups and small businesses looking for assistance with their financial operations, financial management, forecasts, and more.

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How long is the application process?

If you get through each stage, you could become a SiliconCFO within a week and start receiving client introductions immediately after.

Will this cost me anything?

Applying to be a SiliconCFO in our talent pool is completely free! If you become a SiliconCFO and get hired by a client we introduce you to, you’ll then be charged a percentage of your first-year income from that client. You can think of it as a sales cost that goes away after a year of working for a client.

What's the acceptance rate?

We accept about 20% of applicants that apply to join our talent pool. We act as a pre-vetting and matching service for employers looking to hire part-time CFOs, so you will undergo more rounds of vetting by potential clients as you are matched and introduced to them.

If I join the talent pool, can I still get clients elsewhere?

Yes, of course! Joining our talent pool does not bind you to work solely for clients we send you. We actually encourage all of our CFOs to work on finding clients elsewhere. Once a CFO is in our talent pool, they can forward into our matching process clients that they decide not to work for. CFOs will receive a commission on any revenue we make from their referrals.

Do I need previous CFO experience to be considered?

Most of the CFOs in our talent pool have previous experience as a part-time CFO or full-time CFO. We still highly consider applications from people with experience as a VP of Finance, Financial Consultant, or another position that can graduate to the CFO role.

What types of clients get matched to the CFOs?

The potential clients that go through our CFO matching process can be vastly different. We’ve seen companies in fintech, medical, SaaS, e-commerce, investments, and more. Typically, the clients are early-stage or bootstrapping startups.

How much will I make?

The budgets of our clients are all different. Some startups are just looking for a couple of hours of advisory each month from a part-time CFO at $80 per hour. Some might be looking for a CFO to create a financial model for Series A fundraising and can pay $250 per hour. Engagements can be one-off or ongoing for years, it’s different every time.