Details received! We look forward to connecting you with some of our siliconCFOs.

Be on the lookout for email introductions within the next few days.


How much will this cost me?

We don’t charge employers any fees, hidden or otherwise, to be matched and introduced to CFOs. You only have to pay what you and your new CFO agree to.

How quickly will siliconCFO match part-time CFOs to me?

From the initial call, it will take between two and four days to match and introduce three to five part-time CFOs to you. From that point, you can interview and hire a CFO as quickly (or slowly) as you like.

How are the CFOs vetted?

Every CFO in our talent pool has first gone through a preliminary screening on paper, then an interview over the phone. About 20% of CFOs who apply are added to our talent pool. Once we match part-time CFOs to you, it is up to you to complete the final round of vetting and then hire one.

Why We Do This

Too often have we seen companies overcharged and CFOs underpaid for CFO services with the platform in the middle taking a massive margin. We started siliconCFO to provide the right solution for everyone. We match CFOs to multiple experts to choose from and connect those experts with the necessary support to fulfill the needs of each company.

We have bigger aspirations for siliconCFO and plan to provide more than just a matching service and CFO community. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated on our constantly changing solutions.